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Browsing or General Enquiries

You are welcome to browse our collection freely and to make any enquiries about your visual needs.

(30 minutes)

Eyeglasses Duplication

You can use your own prescription or just bring along your existing eyeglasses for duplication if you are comfortable with them. A complimentary Visual Acuity (VA) check will be performed to ensure the suitability of your existing prescription.

(30 minutes)

New Eye Check (Refraction)

To update your latest prescription, a new eye check is chargeable at $15. We advise you to have an eye check at least once every two years.

(1 hour)

Eyeglass Adjustment & Ultrasonic Eyeglass Cleaning

To ensure your eyeglasses are well-aligned for optimal wearing and visual comfort, this is a complimentary service.

(30 minutes)
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